Oldies/Archie & The Y2S/Swanlake Twist
North European elec instro and the independence work version, and a player are not known well.
Title : Swanlake Twist
Record Label :
Number :
Date : 2001
Price : 1000yen
Artist : Archie & The Y2S
Track :
(1)Swanlake Twist
(2)Volga Run
(3)Two Guitars
(4)Lenin's Hill Rock
(5)Theme From Leningrad
(6)Wooden Heart Rock
(7)Rumble At The North Sea
(8)In The Hall Of The Unknown Surf King
(10)Vagabond Guitars Mandshurian Beat
(11)Eclipse Twist
(12)Platoon in Blue
(13)Hungarian Express
(15)Nights in Moscow