The Beatles/Ed Sullivan Anthology(DVD)

60's Beatles

Title : Ed Sullivan Anthology
Record Label : SWEET APPLE
Number :
Date : 2001
Price :
Length :
Artist : The Beatles
Track :
(1)All My Loving(FEB.9.1964)
(2)Till There Was You(FEB.9.1964)
(3)She Loves You(FEB.9.1964)
(4)I Saw Her Standing There(FEB.9.1964)
(5)I Want Hold Your Hand(FEB.9.1964)
(6)She Loves You(FEB.15.1964)
(7)This Boy(FEB.15.1964)
(8)All My Loving(FEB.15.1964)
(9)I Saw Her Standing There(FEB.15.1964)
(10)From Me To You(FEB.15.1964)
(11)I Want Hold Your Hand(FEB.15.1964)
(12)She Loves You(FEB.16.1964)
(13)This Boy(FEB.16.1964)
(14)All My Loving(FEB.16.1964)
(15)I Saw Her Standing There(FEB.16.1964)
(16)From Me To You(FEB.916.1964)
(17)I Want Hold Your Hand(FEB.16.1964)
(18)Twist And Shout(FEB.23.1964)
(19)Please Please Me(FEB.23.1964)
(20)I Want Hold Your Hand(FEB.23.1964)
(21)You Can Do That(MAY.23.1964)
(22)I Feel Fine(SEP.12.1965)
(23)I,m Down(SEP.12.1965)
(24)Act natrally(SEP.12.1965)
(25)Ticket To Ride(SEP.12.1965)
(28)Paperback Writer(JUNE.5.1966)
(30)Hello Goodbye(NOV.25.1967)
(31)Two Of Us(MARCH.1.1970)