Stars On/Shocking Beatles 33(Vinly/LP)

The medley of Beatles by Stars On

Title : Shocking Beatles 33
Record Label : CRN
Number : P-13005C
Date : 1981
Price : 2800yen
Length :
Artist : Stars On
Track :
(A-1)Stars On 45
(A-2)No Reply
(A-3)I'll Be Back
(A-4)Drive My Car
(A-5)Do You Want To Know A Secret
(A-6)We Can Work It Out
(A-7)I Should Have Known Better
(A-8)Nowhere Man
(A-9)You're Going To Lose That Girl
(A-10)Ticket To Ride
(A-12)Eleanor Rigby
(A-13)Every Little Thing
(A-14)And Your Bird Can Sing
(A-15)Get Back
(A-16)Eight days A Week
(A-17)It Won't Be Long
(A-18)Day Tripper
(A-20)Stars On 45
(A-21)Good Day Sunshine
(A-22)My Sweet Load
(A-23)Here Comes The Sun
(A-24)While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(A-26A Hard Days Night
(A-27)Things We Said Today
(A-28)If I Feel
(A-29)You Can't Do That
(A-30)Please Please Me
(A-31)I Want Hold Your Hand
(A-32)Stars On 45
(B-1)Stars On 45
It omits per disco.