1960s R&R Music

Score of 1960s R&R Music

Title : 1960s R&R Music
ISBN : TOS-K-0272
Date : 1977/9/20(First edition)
Price : 1000yen
Page : 111P/B5
(1)Oh! carol
(3)You are my destiny
(4)One way ticket to the blues
(5)Rythm of the rain
(6)You don't know
(7)Louisiana Mama
(8)Hey Poila
(9)Rock & Roll music
(11)Too many rules
(12)Like I do
(13)Calendar girl
(14)Tie me Kangaroo down, sport
(15)Jenny Jenny
(16)Good Timin'
(17)Mr Bassman
(18)Breaking up is hard to do
(19)Summer holiday
(21)Corazon de Melon
(22)Moliendo Cafe
(24)Kissin' on the phone
(25)Tintarella di luna
(26)Pineapple princess
(27)pretty little baby
(28)The Loco-motion
(29)The trin of love
(30)Dont' treat me like a child
(31)La olas belle pour aller dancer
(32)Surfin' U.S.A
(33)Johnny angel
(34)Only you
(35)Petit Fleur
(36)Be my baby
(37)Itsy Bitsy teenie weenie yellow poika dot Bikini
(38)Passion Flower
(39)Bobby's girl
(40)To know him is to love him