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Mocha Band's instrumental CD has been released. (Sold out.) Contains 4 songs, 3 of which are originals and 1 is an Iwate folk song. This is an instrumental CD and the arrangement is in the style of Terry Terauchi.
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Introduction of recorded songs
1.Beyond the night sky (composed by Sato, arranged by Terry)
 This song was featured on Mine-san's CD. The arrangement is Scandinavian instrumental style + Terauchi improvisation.
2.Dry Surf (composed by Sato, arranged by Takahashi)
 Arrangement is surfing, Astronauts style + Terauchi style improvisation.
3.Midnight Dreaming (composed and arranged by Takahashi)
 The image is of a feedback guitar. The arrangement is Scandinavian instrumental style + Terauchi improvisation.
4.Chaggy Umakko (Iwate folk song, arranged by Takahashi)
 Iwate prefecture folk song.
 You can download karaoke by right-clicking on the link below.
1. Karaoke (MP3) Beyond the night sky
2.Karaoke (MP3) Dry Surf
3.Karaoke (MP3) Midnight Dreaming
4.Karaoke (MP3) Chaggy Umakko
Recommendation letter from Mr. Yamaguchi
 How long have you been waiting for this CD? What you have now is a wonderfully finished product. It's a CD. For those who have not heard of the name "Mocha Band", let me introduce it here. mocha band was born in 1971 as a vocal-instrumental band in Morioka (pronounced short: moka) in the Tohoku region. Locally popular, they have learned various electric styles through their 30 years of band activities. To name a few, Ventures, Astronauts, Takeshi Terauchi and Bull Jeans, etc. However, the most important thing to note is They have successfully mixed these various styles to create their own unique sound. It's a point. When you listen to this 4-song CD, you can clearly feel their passion for electric music.
 Anyway, if you ask me I agree. Four songs aren't enough, and I can almost hear people asking, "Please let me hear more." Starting with this CD, I just hope they continue to release electric CDs in the future. May Mocha Band bring the exotic electric aroma to all over the world! Because they are a "delicious" band. Let's go, Mocha Band!
Knock Us Out!
Beyond the night sky
It has already been covered by legendary Japanese guitarist Nobuhiro Mine. It's a particularly impressive number with a catchy melody.
Dry Surf
The members who love surfing instrumentals made this so that even people who can't swim can enjoy it. Is it a song? Not only does it have a cool title, but it's a solid number with a solid song structure.
Midnight Dreaming
As the title suggests, this song is extremely beautiful. Quiet and easy on the ears, yet with the spirit of an electric instrument is alive and well there.
Chaggy Umakko
It was transcribed from a folk song passed down in their hometown to pray for the autumn harvest. Chaguchagu is said to be the sound of a bell attached to a colt's neck. You can see the influence of Takeshi Terauchi in the arrangement.
September 2001 Toshiyuki Yamaguchi
1.Yamano Gakki's Ikebukuro Parco store electric instrument (currently closed)
Ginza On Stage Yamano's display. Thank you Saito-san!

MocaBand / Beyond The Night Sky / Birth secret? / INST0NO1 (prototype)
MocaBand / Beyond The Night Sky
Hachimantai Hotel,Iwate,Japab
MocaBand / DRY SURF
Hachinohe Park Hotel,Aomoeri,Japan
MocaBand / Midnight Dreaming / rehearsal
Hachinohe Park Hotel,Aomoeri,Japan