Japanese Eleki /SOS / Essence of The Elec
A band formed mainly of former members of Blue Jeans. One word: wonderful. A must-listen for electric enthusiasts.

Title : Essence of The Elec cover
Record Label : FEI
Number : FEI CD017
Date : 1998/7/28
Price : 3000yen
Artist : SOS
Track :
(1)SOS's Theme
(2)Seacret Agent Man
(3)Surf Party
(5)In The Mood
(8)Ascot Hotel
(9)Surfer Girl(Sing)
(10)Unchaind melody(Sing)
(11)JIDOUSYA Show-song(sing)
(12)GS Medoley(sing)
(13)Manbo Jambo
(14)Astral Circle
(15)Stars And Stripes Forever
(17)Symphony No.5